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The higher it is, the better for the consumer!

Money transfer transactions have two separate prices:

The first, and most obvious, is the fee that is charged for processing the transaction. The second, and less obvious, is the exchange rate that money transfer company offers you for the transaction. The fact that both of these can vary makes it difficult to compare the true cost of sending money.

In the final analysis, there are really only two numbers that matter: (1) the number of dollars (or other origination currency) that it takes you to make the transaction (principal plus fee) and (2) the number of units of the pesos(or other destination currency) that your recipient will receive.

The relationship between these two numbers - the dollars spent to send and the pesos or other currency actually received - is the Effective Exchange Rate. Because various money transfer companies have different approaches to pricing, with some companies offering low transfer fees and poor exchange rates, and others offering higher transfer fees and better exchange rates, true head to head comparisons of pricing between companies are difficult.

In order to help our customers better understand the complete economics of their money transfer transactions, Viamericas has launched this Effective Exchange Rate calculator, which is the first online tool that truly allows TOTAL cost comparison between money transfer companies.

Remember, it is really very simple: the higher the Effective Exchange Rate, the better the deal for the consumer!


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